The hive was once called the web or ‘net or something. Back then, servers rooms connected to private computers people kept in their homes and corporate offices. They did less than implants most people had in their bodies to connect to the hive directly. Not everyone has reliable implants, though. I don’t. And that can get me in trouble.

— Lexington Amis (Lexis.ami)


Science Fiction Romance. Known both as Changing Sides and Remainder of the Other. This novel still in development features an unconventional couple, high-tech art, and cyborg politics in the near future.

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"Love Letters" cyber angel

Lexi Amis is a retro punk who prefers to stay off-hive but can’t always express himself face-to-face. At home, he comes up with an unusual way to spell out how he feels for biocyber painter Aaron Stallard.

Mild spoiler warning. This is a sweet story that takes place within the novel’s timeline.

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Bonus! Side Characters

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