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Novel: Hidden Compassions (working title)

Dark Fantasy. This is a Camp NaNoWriMo project for the month of July.

Novel: Changing Sides (working title)

Science Fiction Romance. Also known as Remainder of the Other. This developing novel features an unconventional couple, high-tech art, and cyborg politics in the near future.

Short Stories

Below are two short samples, one sweet and one bitter.

Short story cover preview
Boyfriends Lexi and Aaron find unusual ways to show affection at home.

This sweet romantic story written takes place in the near future, when our world is connected by “the hive”. It is slightly outside of the novel’s timeline.

Read “Love Letters” here for free.

Micro-fiction: “Be Loved”

This response to a prompt on Scribophile had to be 100 words or less. You’re welcome to share your thoughts on it.

Theme: Murder most foul

Challenge: The first letter of each sentence spells a message related to the story.

Beloved, you struck at my heart as it beat to your pulse.

Everyone knew you owned me.

Here in this room, I let you inside me.

I laid waiting for you after, while you hid from the sound of my blood rushing, my heart waiting for warmth to return.

Now, I am readying to enter you–to strike back at you.

Did you know only four inches of blade can reach where love should grow?

You never listened to words, but you will understand.

Our hearts continue to beat as one.

Until they both stop.

–Coming Soon–

An elderly man prepares for the body he has wanted for a lifetime. All he has to do in the transfer is keep his mind.

This short story is a thought-provoking prequel to the novel.