Dark Fiction

Romance smeared by a touch of horror or loss.

Short Fiction

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Expect vampires, cowboys, superheroes, gods, and a fairy tale prince.

Model with body paint and flowers in his hair © Gromovataya
© Gromovataya


Dark Fantasy. Hidden Compassions was a Camp NaNoWriMo project in 2017. On hiatus.

In spite of his father’s warnings, the young master of a powerful Nacooc estate selects a rebellious slave to help him develop his summoning powers.

The slave challenges him at every stage. Master Keflin would worry about his reluctant partner killing him in his sleep if keeping the foreign-born man in bed didn’t offer protection from more hateful members of the estate.

What no one can protect him from is the war coming to the Nacooc. His family is expected to lead the defense. But what if, even with help, he can’t master his powers in time?