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Medium Works

Medium Works

Quick update!

I signed up last month with Medium, which an online publishing platform that looks like a hybrid of Twitter and WordPress, but with fewer customization options. My intention is to publish stories that were buried elsewhere with the occasional personal essay that would feel inappropriate here. You can read all of my stories and many others for free without registering. To follow writers, applaud stories, or unlock members-only stories, you can sign up for a monthly membership.

Stories on Medium can be published by themselves or within a group’s publication. So far, three of my stories are grouped with publications–with P.S.: I Love You and Lit Up. Submitting to them worked out well. I’ve already been listed as one of the top writers within the LGBTQ tag.

You can find these two stories linked on my Dark Fiction and Hivepunk pages. Future short stories will link on this site, too.

When the Rainbow Wins: Annual Awards

When the Rainbow Wins: Annual Awards

Annual awards are one of the incentives in the publication world for writers to experiment with stories and to ensure that work is well edited.

Since I’ve started deliberately writing queer-centric fiction, I’ve been keeping on an eye out for awards focusing on stories featuring queer characters. While these stories could and do win big name awards, such as a Hugo (for science fiction and fantasy) or a RITA (for romance), it’s reassuring to see lists with more consistent representation of the LGBTQ+ community.

Here are the ongoing awards I’ve seen mentioned in the past year. Note: I’m not bothering to keep track of those that don’t look reputable.

Gaylactic Spectrum Awards

Run by its own foundation, the eighteen-year-old Gaylactic Spectrum Awards are given to works of science fiction, fantasy and horror “that explore LGBT topics in a positive way”. A list of winners are available on the awards website or Gaylactic Spectrum’s Wikipedia page).

The Lammys

One of the best-recognized names in LGBTQ publishing hosts the Lambda Literary Awards, bringing together 600 attendees of an awards show in the USA to celebrate excellence in the previous year. The categories are mostly broken up into LGBT, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender topics, then into subcategories such as Fiction and Nonfiction. See the complete list of Lammy winners for all the options.

Stonewall Book Award

The American Library Association sponsors several Stonewall Book Awards for English language works:

  • Barbara Gittings Literature Award,
  • Israel Fishman Non-Fiction Award, and
  • Mike Morgan and Larry Romans Children’s and Young Adult Literature Award.

See all the past Stonewall Book Award winners in one chart.

Speculative Gender: Tiptree Awards

The James Tiptree, Jr. Literary Award is an annual literary prize for “encouraging the explanation and expansion of gender” in science fiction and fantasy. Its “sister” for Japanese-language works is the Sense of Gender Award. You can see the winners in the Tiptree Award Pages and in Japanese-language links on the Sense of Gender website.

Thursday Thoughts: Thank You for Covering Me!

Thursday Thoughts: Thank You for Covering Me!

I’m not the most modest person in the world. This is not a post about having to cover up with clothing. Just getting that out there.

This post is about another type of exposure.

For the first time, I played a Twitter hashtag game called #GuessWrite. It’s a monthly game that incorporates other hashtag games for writers. Each game’s prompt through one week shows a clue to the month’s theme. The challenge is to correctly guess the theme.

The winners receive a bunch of prizes, some of which I’m figuring out.

One offer is for a critique and another for attention on Instagram. (I know almost nothing about Instagram! Here’s to a new learning experience.) Cori Lynn Arnold gave me a e-version of the crime thriller Thin Luck. Author Lexi Miles will spotlight me on her website with an interview, so please watch for it. [Update: Read the interview now.]

Getting all of this attention is fun. Thank you, #GuessWrite hosts!

Speaking as if a new connection can weave one tighter to the creative community…

I was poking around my writing critique site and noticed that Tina Chan was giving away pre-made book covers. Here’s one that I nabbed for a short story associated with Changing Sides.

"Recenter" short story cover

Tina was amazing about tweaks–fast and easygoing. You can see this and more free pre-made covers at Thanks, Tina!


for Authors: Rainbow Awards

for Authors: Rainbow Awards

March 1, 2017 | Update

This post about Rainbow Awards was written in December, scheduled to post, then forgotten. (I’m no longer scheduling posts. Anything I don’t care for the day of remains in my Drafts folder.)

It’s come to my attention that the contest rules or any information specific to the 2017 Rainbow Awards have either been removed or buried within the contest creator’s websites. I have not participated in this contest before so don’t know the usual process. Please don’t get your hopes up that this contest will happen this year.

Do you know of any LGBT+ awards for fiction and/or creative nonfiction? Please share!

Rainbow Awards

In March, the first round of reading starts for the Rainbow Awards, an annual contest meant to celebrate LGBT fiction and nonfiction. The Rainbow Awards is open to work focusing LGBT characters and people.

Instead of a direct submission fee, contest entrants must donate to a selected non-profit charitable organization as a part of the submission requirements. So, whatever else it offers to the queer writing community, it promotes several relevant causes.

You could find more entry and judging information on the contest creator’s site,