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Medium Works

Medium Works

Quick update!

I signed up last month with Medium, which an online publishing platform that looks like a hybrid of Twitter and WordPress, but with fewer customization options. My intention is to publish stories that were buried elsewhere with the occasional personal essay that would feel inappropriate here. You can read all of my stories and many others for free without registering. To follow writers, applaud stories, or unlock members-only stories, you can sign up for a monthly membership.

Stories on Medium can be published by themselves or within a group’s publication. So far, three of my stories are grouped with publications–with P.S.: I Love You and Lit Up. Submitting to them worked out well. I’ve already been listed as one of the top writers within the LGBTQ tag.

You can find these two stories linked on my Dark Fiction and Hivepunk pages. Future short stories will link on this site, too.

Rebooting for 2018

Rebooting for 2018

Hey. Guess what?

We survived 2017! For me, the year was not the worst of my life but certainly one of the more traumatic. Whatever. It’s over. Much of the personal and social drama will drag on into this new year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t recover from the past.

The horrific, emotionally draining, and, for me, physically challenging Year of 2017 is dead. Welcome, little 2018.

With a wide variety of distractions last year, I struggled more than planned to complete the resolutions posted a year ago. My resolutions for last year were to:

  • publish a Science Fiction Romance novel about cyborgs and retros in June,
  • finish an anthology set in the same world, and
  • post once a week on this new blog about writing, publishing, queer issues, science, technology, and literary history.

None of that happened. And that’s okay with me. No one was holding their breath for my latest work. (If so, no one is still around to complain!) I will continue to work on the novel, write more short stories, and post on this blog when the mood hits.

What did happen in 2017 is that I wrote flash fiction, added chapters to my novel, developed ideas for my anthology, and blogged some.
At a friend’s recommendation, I tried out Ko-Fi then took down my Ko-Fi button after PayPal (the payment handler) repeatedly refused to process donations. I joined Patreon as a creator, maintaining which is always a learning experience.
Feel free to comment about your impressions of my Patreon page or anything on this blog.
Thanks for reading!
Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts

Writing Weaknesses

Someone asked on an online writers’ site for a description of our writing weaknesses.

Most of the answers were comforting for their familiarity. Overwriting? Done it. Underwriting? Same. Obsessively reworking, clinging to ineffective phrases, struggling to describe settings? Yep, lived that life. Isn’t it nice how as writers we push through the same drama on our individual paths?

For me, new issues develop weekly that are harder to explain.

I’ve been writing for most of my life. From the moment I could reproduce words on paper, I was trying to fit them together into stories.

In my twenties, a health scare inspired me to make panic-inducing decisions about what my aims in life. At the top of that list was Share my fiction.

That meant I had to write more. Nothing was going out into the world until I figure out what a mature story looked like. Most of my attempts were adolescents that needed to stay home.

In the following years, I read books on writing, attended writing groups, studied my favorite novels by picking them apart over and over, journaled and blogged about the writing process, pestered authors in my with social circles with questions, and of course, wrote.

Those years, the undesired break from writing fiction that spanned another few years, and the past several months of reentry into writing communities has provided me with more than enough time to identify my primary weakness.

It’s self-confidence.

Knowing What to Share

Self-confidence: (noun) realistic confidence in one’s own judgment, ability, power, etc.

Figuring out what’s worth researching, titling, and finding images for is almost impossible without the ability to assess what people will read.

List of tentative blog titles, by A.M. Fals
A snapshot of the most recent draft posts. March 8, 2017.

On average, I publish one out of every four blog posts drafted. Guessing wildly here: I save a draft post for every three ideas. Coming up with ideas is quick, growing out of my focus each day. Each post, however, takes hours to write and edit.

Parts of unpublished drafts end up in my story notes. They aren’t useless. The writing about links and new concepts can feel like a waste, however.

Some days, the most anxiety-filled ones, I wish my blog came with an actual editor–a person who would tell me what to write when. Other than the obligatory coffee chats and surprise check-ins, this could save not only time but also energy and sanity better sacrificed to my fiction.

Yeah, a leading editor would be nice.

Would you like to take on the role for a few minutes? Tell me what you really want to read more about.

Quick Thank-You for Support

An anonymous person showed me love through the Buy Me a Coffee button on my sidebar. Getting money for writing is an incredible feeling. Positive feedback is, too.

Thank you so much for the coffee and note, dear reader!

Protecting the Heart

Protecting the Heart

Happy Wednesday! Today, let’s look at a romantic superhero webcomic.

This is not quite what I’d expected to post and probably isn’t what you expected, either. It just feels more relevant this week than what I’d planned. On Twitter, the current theme for the online event #WIPjoy is Relationship Week, and that’s got me thinking about broken hearts and interpersonal conflicts.

This post also serves as a warning about what to expect from me and my work. If you have a problem with homoerotic references, then you’ll want to be careful where you click on this site in about six months. Until then…

The Young Protectors © Alex Woolfson
Kyle’s flying high in his first meeting with The Annihilator. Image © Alex Woolfson.

The Young Protectors is a superhero comic reminiscent of Marvel Comics. (Think of The Avengers.) What sets it apart from what’s generally sold in comic shops:

  1. Romantic relationships develop between men (not monsters and men).
  2. Characters’ coming out is a big part of multiple storylines.

Like in any great fantasy, the mix of fantastical and realistic elements makes these stories heart-wrenching.

I just wasn’t really expecting it to be great. The conflict was interesting enough to keep reading, but unprepared, I ended up standing around at home staring hopelessly at nothing, wondering how a glossy-looking superhero comic had managed to stomp on my heart. It worried my husband. He helped me grieve for a few minutes. Later, he shared in little celebrations of conversations that needed to happen in the comic for the world to contain hope again.

So, there you go: Two warnings. There’s this comic that can ruin you for a day. And I will try to do the same with my fiction later.

Happy reading.

I love visual stories. Comic are great for nights when I’m too tired to write and too angsty to sleep without nightmares. They don’t require headphones or as much bandwidth as videos. The site io9 lists more mainstream but still enticing completed webcomics that I’m going to try out. You might like them, too.

Exciting Blog Notice: What to Expect


Alright, I’m lying already. This post isn’t all that exciting. It’s a simple announcement of schedules.

On Wednesdays (but not all Wednesdays), I’ll be posting writing tips and bits about my novel’s world. Though my work-in-progress is Science Fiction Romance, the writing tips will at times apply to all genres.

On Fridays (but not all Fridays), I’ll be posting about freaky-cool futurist technology.

The current plan is to alternate Wednesday and Friday posts weekly, but you might get two posts a week.

Whenever I feel like adding them, you’ll also see new pages on this site. New today is the Fiction page, where you can read a free micro story written for my online writer’s group.

Thanks for starting the year with me.


Happy New Year!

Hello, I am Acin Fals, a writer of speculative fiction and unconventional romances featuring diverse characters.

My resolutions for 2017 are to:

  • publish a Science Fiction Romance novel about cyborgs and retros in June,
  • finish an anthology set in the same world, and
  • post once a week on this new blog about writing, publishing, queer issues, science, technology, and literary history.

Exciting stuff, right?

Take my hand (or just click on the button, if that’s your thing) to follow me in the new year. More minds make for a more interesting time.