NaNoWriMo: Thrills to Counter Chills

NaNoWriMo: Thrills to Counter Chills

Howdy, readers.

It’s that time of the year when thousands of writers go crazier than usual.

Today is the second day of National Novel Writing Month. I’m already more confident that I can stick with Hills, the science fantasy romance novel.

Below are working drafts of the cover, tags, and blurb–plus an excerpt!

Hills Under His Shining Star ebook cover

My Novel Blurb:

A soldier comes upon one of the enemy’s gods, who doesn’t seem much more than a young man with wings confused and the conflict. He refuses to kill the strange man, but their encounter endangers both their lives. They set out on a journey to discover enough of the truth about their peoples’ origins to grow a new future.

Intended Tropes: age gap, fairies, gay cowboys, genetic engineering, other-world fantasy, religion, soldiers, super powers, war

Excerpt from Day 1: An Opening Scene

Hills’ captain had blown up. The survivors of his unit had scattered like vermin through the dust and across the bloody rubble of the street. Where are they going? He hunkered beside a side of carriage that remained upright and stared at the memory of an armored back that was supposed to remain at his side.

This was supposed to be an easy mission. They were supposed to amble around, intimidating temple worshippers by their armed presence out of the city.

Instead, someone had fought with indecipherable weapons. Had the priest struck back?

“Strip this.” Hills risked clambering onto a pile of rubble to survey the scene. His hearing was numbed from the mysterious blast. He couldn’t sense much of anything but a hot terror from within his full-body armor. The rare sensitives from home wore enhancement suits. Blinds like him couldn’t do more than–yeah, the irony–see from the stretchy under-layer of the standard armor.

Climbing through his armor felt like rising through a dream. But the reality of the situation meant he couldn’t succumb to a darkness to wake in bed.

At least, he doubted the dead wake in bed in the afterlife.

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