Oh, Oh, CockyGate, So Much Hate

Oh, Oh, CockyGate, So Much Hate

Why can’t we look away for a while without feeling guilty for condoning shit? Is anyone else feeling that way?

Content Warning:
Unfriendly nicknames and reports of douchey behavior below. Also, more swearing.

This post brings to you updates on slimy trademark filings and related acts.

Hip-Not Hopkins

Faleena Hopkins, who started CockyGate by not only filing a trademark the single, popular (in Romance/Erotica) word of “COCKY” for book titles, but attempting to enforce her claim through cease and desist letters to other self-publishing authors, then sued an erotica author, a publicist, and a lawyer for an anthology title using the word.

That case is ongoing. It’s also increasingly ridiculous. (The link goes to a lawyer’s tweets.) The latest news is that Hopkins is asking to get back some money she put into it.

Will the defendants, or Romance Writers of America (RWA) and The Authors Guild–who, assuming my memory is correct on this, are covering some of the court fees–get any of their money back? The case is a mess.

So is the media’s response to her. A British tabloid published a promotional piece for Hopkins as if it were a news article.

The author of that article appears to have an interested in U.S. West Coast activities. That’s where Hopkins lives, so says her bio. Are they friends?

Media Scammer Earle

Do you remember the trademark filings from a proclaimed friend of Hopkins? Michael-Scott Earle claimed five standard character marks for his series titles. One of those was for THE DESTROYER. Read more about that in “A Ridiculous Expansion to CockyGate“.

The easy update is that his filing are awaiting examination in the USPTO. The hard-to-swallow update…

That is the actual image in the application. The description of the trademark manages to expand on the styles that its claiming as MSE’s.

I don’t know MSE. He wrote a book I’ve tried to read and responded to #CockyGate by making his own grab for common words in media. Now, this generic cover.

From here, I dislike him–a lot’s worth of dislike.

Updates on the status of BIG, REBELLION, WEIRDs, and STORYTELLER claims will have to release later. Those appear to be slower moving issues, fortunately.

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