The BIG Distraction in CockyGate

The BIG Distraction in CockyGate

Puns are fun but they’re too easy when words everyone use are claimed in the recent rash of trademark abuse.

Today’s focus on trademark applications is “BIG”.

I don’t yet know much then what I figured out a in few minutes after looking at the application, but this looks like the realization of one of the big concerns of CockyGate. The claim of “BIG” is for a “series of fiction and non-fiction books” that “consists of standard characters without claim to any particular font style, size, or color.”

What is this? One of my many guesses is that the company, Humanoid Inc., is claiming ownership of one of the most common adjectives in English is attempting to use the claim, not just the word, for marketing. That’s better than some of the alternatives.

Evening Update (6:45 PM EST)

I tagged the former IP lawyer who’s working the “COCKY” lawsuit with a question about “BIG”. He’s attempting to draw out Humanoids Inc. for an explanation.

Meanwhile, some of us are looking into conflicts.

A company in Denmark applied in December 2017 for the use of “BIG” in “[p]rinted publications, namely, books in the fields of architecture, design, art and engineering”. That definitely includes non-fiction.


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