CockyGate’s Ridiculous Expansion

CockyGate’s Ridiculous Expansion

The grab for common words in USA-based fiction publishing quickly grew into one Hell of a cocked-up situation.

CockyGate involves deception, bullying, and risks to the publishing industry as a whole. Romance Writers of America and Authors Guild have support the scattered authors and publishers who were threatened with legal action or who watched their titles dropped from distribution.

Can’t say where, because I flit around the web too much, but I have seen talk about how this ordeal inspires others. If Hopkins can get away with claiming “cocky” (which is still to be determined in court), then they can claim whichever words they use in book titles. Now, that might seem to balance on the ridiculous and the hateful — and I agree with your perception — but it’s also a real threat.

One of the latest expansions on CockyGate is that a self-described friend of Hopkins appears to be filing words and phrases in the same manner.

MSE Media, LLC, is a six-month old company in Texas that has filed trademarks for “The Destroyer”, “Tamer”, and “Dragon Slayer”.

Look, it’s possible to file a word mark meant to protect a unique brand, but that doesn’t appear to be what MSE Media, LLC, is doing with Michael-Scott Earle’s titles.

Trademark: Dragon Slayer

Like… the Dragonslayer movie from the 1980s? I actually own that movie on DVD. The space dividing the words is an insignificant variance for a trademark.

Oh, and there’s the novelization by Wayland Drews. Readers remember that book.

Trademark: Tamer

Just… weird.

“Tamer” is a single word that doesn’t stand out as unique to Earle’s work.

Trademark: Destroyer

Here’s the mark filing that gets me the most as a reader of fiction.

I mean, seriously? Is this new mid-lister attempting to go up against Remo Williams? The Destroyer is too well established not to come up as an example of popular use.

Of course there are other popular uses.

Who is This MSE? Rumors

Authors who recognize Michael-Scott Earle by name say he’s gotten himself banned from author groups. He may have been involved with the Sad/Rabid Puppies in the SFF awards ploy years back. Expect more on that if I find anything that might explain these trademark filings.

The bulging point of this post is to update peers on the situation. Feel free to send me any important edits or share information below.


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