Rebooting for 2018

Rebooting for 2018

Hey. Guess what?

We survived 2017! For me, the year was not the worst of my life but certainly one of the more traumatic. Whatever. It’s over. Much of the personal and social drama will drag on into this new year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t recover from the past.

The horrific, emotionally draining, and, for me, physically challenging Year of 2017 is dead. Welcome, little 2018.

With a wide variety of distractions last year, I struggled more than planned to complete the resolutions posted a year ago. My resolutions for last year were to:

  • publish a Science Fiction Romance novel about cyborgs and retros in June,
  • finish an anthology set in the same world, and
  • post once a week on this new blog about writing, publishing, queer issues, science, technology, and literary history.

None of that happened. And that’s okay with me. No one was holding their breath for my latest work. (If so, no one is still around to complain!) I will continue to work on the novel, write more short stories, and post on this blog when the mood hits.

What did happen in 2017 is that I wrote flash fiction, added chapters to my novel, developed ideas for my anthology, and blogged some.
At a friend’s recommendation, I tried out Ko-Fi then took down my Ko-Fi button after PayPal (the payment handler) repeatedly refused to process donations. I joined Patreon as a creator, maintaining which is always a learning experience.
Feel free to comment about your impressions of my Patreon page or anything on this blog.
Thanks for reading!

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