Turn Me On: Musical Mood

Today’s prompt for the monthly Twitter game #AuthorConfession asked about my main character’s favorite song. Honestly, he doesn’t have one, because it would fall into a retro-modern trend that doesn’t yet exist.

Since I can’t predict music in our near future, I’m going to bring the question back to what I use to create develop the characters in my current project.

I mentioned in “Music for Writing” that music is a part of my writing process. This really is not unusual for writers. Nona Mae King on Writers Helping Writers Become Authors suggests that music helps writers in four ways: encourages focus, enhances mood, and promotes inspiration, and encourages us to seek inspiration.

Here’s a glimpse of music I’ve listened to while writing scenes. (Sometimes the videos even relate to my story!)

Other Notables:

Bonus: Here’s a song I played on repeat for a short story about one character’s backstory.

Do you like any of these? What are your favorite songs?


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