Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts

Writing Weaknesses

Someone asked on an online writers’ site for a description of our writing weaknesses.

Most of the answers were comforting for their familiarity. Overwriting? Done it. Underwriting? Same. Obsessively reworking, clinging to ineffective phrases, struggling to describe settings? Yep, lived that life. Isn’t it nice how as writers we push through the same drama on our individual paths?

For me, new issues develop weekly that are harder to explain.

I’ve been writing for most of my life. From the moment I could reproduce words on paper, I was trying to fit them together into stories.

In my twenties, a health scare inspired me to make panic-inducing decisions about what my aims in life. At the top of that list was Share my fiction.

That meant I had to write more. Nothing was going out into the world until I figure out what a mature story looked like. Most of my attempts were adolescents that needed to stay home.

In the following years, I read books on writing, attended writing groups, studied my favorite novels by picking them apart over and over, journaled and blogged about the writing process, pestered authors in my with social circles with questions, and of course, wrote.

Those years, the undesired break from writing fiction that spanned another few years, and the past several months of reentry into writing communities has provided me with more than enough time to identify my primary weakness.

It’s self-confidence.

Knowing What to Share

Self-confidence: (noun) realistic confidence in one’s own judgment, ability, power, etc.

Figuring out what’s worth researching, titling, and finding images for is almost impossible without the ability to assess what people will read.

List of tentative blog titles, by A.M. Fals
A snapshot of the most recent draft posts. March 8, 2017.

On average, I publish one out of every four blog posts drafted. Guessing wildly here: I save a draft post for every three ideas. Coming up with ideas is quick, growing out of my focus each day. Each post, however, takes hours to write and edit.

Parts of unpublished drafts end up in my story notes. They aren’t useless. The writing about links and new concepts can feel like a waste, however.

Some days, the most anxiety-filled ones, I wish my blog came with an actual editor–a person who would tell me what to write when. Other than the obligatory coffee chats and surprise check-ins, this could save not only time but also energy and sanity better sacrificed to my fiction.

Yeah, a leading editor would be nice.

Would you like to take on the role for a few minutes? Tell me what you really want to read more about.

Quick Thank-You for Support

An anonymous person showed me love through the Buy Me a Coffee button on my sidebar. Getting money for writing is an incredible feeling. Positive feedback is, too.

Thank you so much for the coffee and note, dear reader!

7 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Weakness as a writer or in your characters? I’ve long advised that a character’s weaknesses should be their strengths in the wrong circumstances. My go to example is that the decisive, quick-thinking warrior or general from the battlefield should be hot-headed and rash when acting in court. Likewise the crafty, sly court participant should be indecisive on the battlefield. Which I’ll freely admit can be hard for writers.


  2. Hello! My post points out ways that writers are weak in the process while developing the skills for writing. Character weaknesses are another topic that deserves attention. I agree that weaknesses in one situation can be strengths in another, and showing how characters’ traits help our complicate a scene is good writing. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


    1. Ah gotcha. Yeah I’ve been listening to Jordan Peterson a lot recently and he makes a point in one lecture that we’re all broken and weak, yet push through it to build and create civilization. It’s kind of weirdly uplifting. (he also talks on the importance of stories – so keep at it! =))


  3. I’ll look Jordan Peterson up.

    Oh whoops, I just told you to go pick out a strand of hay from a haystack. He has a lot out there. Here we go, the “pep talk” video specifically.

    His bits on stories… well that can cover some of his 1-2 hr classes. Here’s a shorter clip on the necessity of artists.

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